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CAD Library

Vektek is committed to making all product files available for download in each of the following CAD formats:

  • DWG 2D (AutoCAD 13)
  • DXF 3D (DXF 3D Wireframe)
  • IGS 3D (Surfaces)
  • PDF (PDF printout of CAD file)
  • Pro/E 3D (Native Pro Engineer Wildfire 3.0 Solids)
  • STP 3D (STP AP214 Solids)
  • SolidWorks 3D (native SolidWorks 2007 solids)

To download CAD files please right click the CAD file type and select 'Save Target As..'.

NOTE: CAD models configured in the middle of the ideal clamp stroke or at half stroke. See PDF for dimensions or contact Vektek at 800-992-0236.


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Selecting a Quick Download Filter will place a download link next to product links, allowing you to quickly download the CAD drawing in your choosen format. To see available formats for a drawing, click on the part number.

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