RMA Packaging Tips

Package With Care

When returning product for credit, it must arrive at our facility in NEW condition. Credit will not be given if the product is damaged and not resalable.

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Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
Packaging Tips

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Use the best resources you have available. Start with a sturdy box. Cut cardboard from another box, foam sheet, foam beans, bubble wrap, layered paper or any combination of these.

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Prepare properly Additional wrapping may be needed to protect the devices, as the original wrapping may have collapsed in the original shipment. A layer of cardboard, foam or layers of heavy paper between the devices and the box and between each other will help prevent damage from rough handling in shipping.

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Make sure there are no voids in the shipping box or loose packing that would allow devices to shift in the box. Fill voids with empty boxes, foam filler or densely packed paper.

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