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Centering Clamp
Vektek is proud to announce the World’s First Screw-In Cartridge Mount AND Twin Lever Link Clamps

The twin levers upright position when unclamped gives plenty of clearance for easy part loading when clamping through a part or more clearance for part loading between 2 parts. Our pivot equalizing system applies equal clamping force through both levers on surfaces that are within .06”.

Centering Clamp

Centering Clamps are essentially a bore clamp used for locating a part.

Vektek Vise

The Ultimate Machining Vise, Modular and Interchangeable

Rotary Union Arm

Vektek Rotary Union Arm is an anti-rotation device for horizontal machining centers.

In The Port Sequence Valves

Fewer deep drilled circuit passages in your fixture, saving cost Installs directly into device port, requires manifold feed. Controls timing of individual devices on your fixture and each valve can be individually adjusted from the factory preset. ...and much MORE!

Hydraulic Advanced
Workholding Pump

Look no further for a long lasting and easy to use advanced workholding pump. The durable 2-Stage design of this pump stands up to high demand circuits along with high or low duty cycles.

Block Body Cylinder

Automate your wedge driven and bolt-down clamps on new or existing fixtures!

Decoupler Covers

Customers that have previously bought a decoupler can purchase a new cover for their old decoupler. New orders of decouplers will come with cover.

Gauge Protectors

Call to add custom engraving for up to 12 characters.


The basics of clamping.

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